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Thank you, supporters, and followers, for showing love to my blog. I wanted to take this time and be transparent and authentic by sharing some background about it. I feel it would help my readers to know about my writing journey.

As an overthinker and someone who questions life, I learned that it helped me to write my thoughts down, like so many others out there. So, I write for myself because it gives me a sense of clarity, a space to clear my mind and to just be. Then, I share it by putting it into the universe in the hopes that someone, like yourself, will gain some faith, hope, and courage.


You must be asking; how can I share my personal experiences and thoughts on a public platform? Well! It’s because I believe in sharing narratives and storytelling. In my perspective, I find it’s empowering because, at the very moment when the narrator is sharing their story, the feeling of vulnerability is empowering because there is authenticity and courage, which gives us the space to connect with one another. I understand that not everyone will agree with what I have to say and it’s okay. By writing, I meet my needs for self-love, understanding, and compassion. Also, I’m owning my story just like everyone should.

My inner voice always questioned the things I saw, heard, or read because of my curious personality and my need to find meaning and purpose in my life. I never felt like I was a good writer as I struggled with English grammar. However, it didn’t stop me from writing, even though I was insecure about it and feared judgment. I felt my writing was so raw and I just wanted to share it and be understood.

This fear came from when I was younger, and I was placed in ESL (English as a Second Language) from elementary to middle school. Yes, it had taken me so long to exit out of ESL even though I spoke it fluently and well. See, as a toddler, my mother felt it was important for her children to learn their native tongue first, which is Gujarati. She told me she knew we would learn English and speak it well when we started school and so at home, we spoke primarily Gujarati. She wanted her children to learn for the purpose of survival in case we were to visit our motherland, India, and to keep her roots alive. I’m proud and grateful to say I’m happy she wasn’t ashamed or scared to teach us our native tongue because I am able to fluently speak it. Eventually, I even picked up and taught myself Hindi, and can say I am a fluent speaker. However, once I got into high school and later college, I still struggled to write academically, which made me feel like I couldn’t write at all. I didn’t have a big intense vocabulary and wasn’t a great speller. Thank goodness for Grammarly and grammar checks feature in Microsoft Word!

I remember typing my first personal writing sitting by the window. The amount of peace and clarity I felt was amazing once all my thoughts and feeling were typed into the Word doc. My words and the sentences just flowed as my finger touched each key on my laptop keyboard. Once I completed it, it was as if a million grammar and punctuation errors popped up. But it didn’t matter because it was for my eyes to see. Until a friend asked if I was comfortable sharing it, then it made me nervous. Once I decided to share the piece, the friend told me they liked the writing, but I did not feel it, especially because I thought otherwise as I was fixated and focused on my writing style.

As time went on my insecurity about my writing prevented me from posting on social media or avoiding some writing tasks in my professional life. It wasn’t until my mentor encourage me to keep writing and provided guidance and support that I felt my writing became better. Also, I can’t forget the fact that she told me I should write a memoir. I still laugh when I think about it because I remember responding and saying something about not being a good writer.

My inspiration for writing came from the series, Sex in the City. When I first started watching the show, I enjoyed hearing the narrator tell the stories of her and her best friend’s life in New York City and had almost every girl’s dream of moving to New York when once I turned 18. Even though I didn’t move to New York and chase my dream, I did realize our everyday life is an inspiration. For instance, when I have conversations with friends, family, or peers and or I see or hear something thought-provoking, I question, reflect, process, and then it’s on paper or a Word doc.

Over time, I really started thinking about having a blog when I realized that people around me felt and shared that when I talked to them, I provided them a new perspective, insights, or they just found comfort and/or were able to resonate. And so, with plenty of encouragement from my close friends, now I have the courage to put it out into the universe for others to read, learn and gain insights from my writing all with the purpose to provide hope, faith, support, and possibly inspire.

Also, my intention is to use natural language in my writing to make it accessible for all my readers.


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